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Dear colleagues and friends,

As President of the ISIN, it is a great pleasure for me to invite you to the 6th International Society of Intraoperative Neurophysiology (ISIN) Congress and Educational Course, 30/10/2017 – 4/11/2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Ever since its founding in 2006, the rather young ISIN is growing fast and develops in the true meaning of its founders globally. Such, we are really delighted that this is the first time that our meeting will be held in Asia.
We are thankful to the Korean Society of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (KSION) to invite the ISIN to Korea. This will give an excellent opportunity especially for our Asian-Australasian colleagues to join with their European, African, South and North American colleagues to share knowledge, interest and develop new ideas. Also in Seoul we emphasize the interdisciplinary character of IONM as our attendees and speakers include neurophysiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, neuroradiologists, anaesthesiologists, neuroscientists and technicians from around all over the world.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring becomes more and more an essential part in many surgical procedures and is a fast and exciting growing field. Given its growing popularity, the attendees will have the unique opportunity at this meeting to hear from some of the most renowned colleagues dedicated to the field of IONM. New topics and further development will be presented from around the world

Educational Program
Continuous education is one of the major goals of the ISIN. As well as our past conference in Rio in 2015 and our last educational course in Groningen in November 2016, also the Congress in Seoul will offer you a full range of opportunities to improve your skills and expand and deepen your specialized knowledge in the field of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring. The educational program will focus on spine monitoring. During the conference, there will be breakfast sessions providing the opportunity to discuss with the most accomplished educators in intraoperative neurophysiology. Don’t miss to book timely!
Industry Support – more than sponsoring
Technical innovation helped to improve most of our methodologies nowadays being routinely, and safely used in our daily work. There will be an industry venue during our ISIN conference, as well as in hands-on workshops where there is the chance to meet and lay base for continuing the long history of technical improvement. We encourage all of you to submit abstracts for either oral or poster presentation playing an important role for our Congresses. The meeting venue is an historic place at the 1988 Olympic Park in Seoul, which will give us a peaceful surrounding in a Mega City that never sleeps and will embrace you with its hospitality and pace alike. Finally I hope that all of you, the honorable old and new members of our Society, enjoy the Congress in Seoul and that a mutual exchange of ideas, viewpoints and proposals lead with enthusiasm and new ideas to a positive impact.


  • A. SzelényiProf. Dr. med. Andrea SzelényiISIN President
  • Francesco SalaProf. Dr. Francisco SotoISIN President Elect
  • Francisco SotoProf. Dr. Francesco SalaISIN Past President
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